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3 Minute Auctions

If you are into fast paced bidding, and you want to find absolute bargains at rock bottom prices, there is nothing that gives the same feeling as a well presented 3 minute auctions website.

In the main, these sites are used for selling jewelry, watches or fashion items like handbags and shoes. There are others selling a more wide and varied selection of goods,but in the main these are a bit harder to locate as people selling larger items prefer the longer sell.

Because of the nature of these sites, the bidding on the items can get really quick, and you have to make sure you are paying attention all the way through the bidding process if you want to win the lot. Usually the bidding goes up in increments of $1, but you can put in a raise of what ever you feel comfortable with.

it is important to make sure that your internet connection is working well, and your computer is running as fast as it can - even the slightest delay (especially near the end off an auction) can mean that you miss out on your chosen lot. Avoid this disappointment by preparing for the worst!

Even though these auctions only last 3 minutes, they are still bound by the same rules and regulations that cover a standard auction. it is for this reason that you must make sure you do not bid higher than you can afford because you will be bound by the agreements when joining the site that you will pay all winning bids.

3 minute auctions are great fun, and a really good place to pick up bargains if you are patient. If you never want to pay full price again, click here now...

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